Class size: My class size is limited to 4-8 couples. A small class size allows me to tailor fit the class to your needs.  Whether you are considering birth at a civilian or military hospital or a home birth a small class allows us to address your specific needs in labor. A small setting also allows time for everyone’s questions!cropped-cropped-babyhead.jpg

Location: Classes are currently held at my home in Newton, MA.

Distance learning:  Video conference options are available.  I try to have online classes as well as an in person option.

Class dynamics:  You will play games to test and solidify your knowledge, and engage in various labor rehearsals to practice techniques learned in class.  As well as hands-on access to touch and see a life-size pelvis, and uterus (model).  Some women need to see for themselves that a baby’s head does, in fact, fit through the pelvis!  You will also have the opportunity to watch videos with real people having real, joyful, births!  You may laugh, you may cry, you may even be surprised!

Included with Classes:  I will provide you with all the materials you will need for the class including the student workbook and any other class handouts or additional articles.  You also have access to my lending library of birth related books.

Student Center:  Access to my student center includes evidence-based information and other helps like vegetarian meal planning, example birth plans, questions to ask health providers and more.  With study guide answers and links to videos, the student center is an excellent resource if you will be calling into class, missing a class or have a spouse on deployment!

Length:  Classes are 2 hrs; once a week; for 12 weeks.

Cost:  The full series costs $450. Installment plans, sliding scales cost accommodation and military discounts are available.  Please use the “contact me” tab to reserve your seat in the next session.

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