Having a baby is like running a marathon.

You don’t have to be first- you just need to finish the race!

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Athletes train for months to run a marathon. They eat well, exercise, and develop the mental focus it takes to make it to the end of the race.

Labor demands no less! Stamina, nutrition, and mental prowess are key to a mother’s training. Sure, you could just show up to your labor, but consider how confident you and your partner will be after 12 weeks of training!

Ready to start training?

12 week Bradley Childbirth Education Class

Equip yourself AND your partner with the tools to handle labor. This class gets you 24 hours of evidence based instruction for you and your partner. This course covers exercise, nutrition, pregnancy, coaching techniques, introduction and advanced labor techniques, birth plans, variations, postpartum, breast feeding and more!

Affirmation Deck

Stay focused and motivated during your pregnancy with these beautiful affirmation cards. Why use affirmation cards? Because with consistent practice in relaxation, exercise and mental focus you will be prepared to confidently handle your labor!

Free Check Your Stress Quiz

Use this free quiz to Name it and Deal with it! Lowering your stress levels will enable you to enter your labor with a clearer and more focused mentality!

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