About Me

My name is Paige Carness.  I am originally from Texas; however, as a Navy wife I have spent much of my time somewhere else!  I have a strong science background with both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Biology.  I worked for many years conducting high containment research and then working to improve the institutional and safety policies affecting pregnant and nursing mothers.  I have been teaching Bradley classes for many years now and deeply enjoy watching families grow and strength their bonds.

My family and I are now located in Silverdale, Washington.  I have four great kids and an amazing husband.

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I came to know theBradley Method® while we were in Hawaii and I became pregnant with our third child. I’d had two cesareans and I couldn’t stand the thought of another.   I had to make a vaginal birth work – but I wasn’t really sure how!  I found the Bradley Method® and the  training, support and classroom education was pivotal to our successful VBACs.

My own VBAC journey propelled me on a journey to advocate for women seeking VBAC and to improve the mainstream culture of birth.

I became a Bradley Method® instructor because it works!  I want to empower couples with the knowledge and confidence to handle what is child birth today.  I am passionate about educating women and men about childbirth.  I believe that we must demystify childbirth by shrugging off the old images and perceptions of birth and replacing them with those of strength, beauty, love and joy!





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